About Us

Penta Watch Srl

On the wave of a passion that has always been alive and in the wake of a strong entrepreneurial intuition, in 2014 was born in Catania, by the five founding partners, The Penta Watch srl.

The company, characterized from the beginning by a strong dynamism and quality, becomes in a very short time a constant point of reference for those working in the field, not only within the perimeter of Catania but also and especially for the world of goldsmith / watchmaker throughout Italy.


The founding partners, Giuseppe Bua, Daniele Grillo, Danny Concorso, Paolo Valentino and Vincenzo Vitale, colleagues at work and friends in life, boasting many years of experience in the sector, immediately manage to impose a passion for work, product culture and maximum attention to sales and distribution, thus allowing Penta Watch srl to always and seriously satisfy the needs of the customer.

Operating sectors

Penta Watch srl is able to offer a wide range of services with the utmost care, technology and high quality. Here are some of the services offered:

  • Repair Quartz Watches
  • Repair Mechanical Watches
  • Repair Watches of important brands
  • Reprint Dial
  • Pendulum repair
  • Kuku Repair
  • Glass reconstruction
  • Laser Welding
  • Wholesale of straps (Leather, Steel, Rubber, Fabric etc...)
  • Wholesale Watch Batteries
  • Wholesale spare parts for watch (crowns, hands, machinery, circuits)
  • Selling quartz movements for wall clock

Our future

Born from a happy intuition of five guys, Penta Watch srl, now presents itself in the watchmaking market with more and more personality and desire for growth.

Always proud and proud of the Earth from which it originates, today Penta Watch hopes - with the help of the most modern technologies used - an ever greater opening towards the national and international market.